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First and foremost, we are a company that aims to create smart, trustworthy, important content of the highest quality that informs and motivates entrepreneurs to grow their business.

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Business Coaching and Consulting

Paula Yakubik – Founder and Former CEO of Mass Media

The Scrappy Entrepreneur was founded by Paula Yakubik, a former Journalist as well as the founder and former CEO of MassMedia.

Paula works with individuals both remotely and in-person. She consults and specializes in:

  • Forming new businesses – taking your idea or dream and helping you turn it into reality.
  • Business growth plans: Grow your company by attracting more ideal customers
  • Business systems and process – Guiding you to a system to help you work smarter not harder
  • Marketing, advertising, and branding: Helping entrepreneurs and business owners think through strategic ways to grow their business through integrated marketing initiatives that will deliver a return on investment
  • Goal setting and planning: Helping business owners with a process to set goals and plan for the future
  • Sales and marketing
  • Work/Life Balance

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Virtual Sales Training for Small Businesses

Dan Lier, President – Dan Lier Sales Mastery

  • Nationally recognize keynote speaker
  • Best Selling Author
  • Ran Tony Robbins Sales Teams for four years
  • #1 Most Request Speaker / Trainer in Las Vegas
  • Won Two Straight College Basketball Championships as a Player
  • Champion Mindset – Two Years of Chemotherapy while fighting incurable blood disease

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