I just taped an amazing podcast with Dean Katris from Power Promotions. His company has really gotten client relationships and selling down to a science. Not only is he continuing to reach out to and connect with his current clients during the pandemic, but he is forging new client partnerships and setting himself up for when the country opens back up.

During the taping, it occurred to me that many businesses that are opened right now might be at a standstill and unsure of the best way to reach out and sell during this time. The pandemic has hindered in-person touchpoints, negatively impacting sales efforts. There is also confusion around the type of outreach that is appropriate during this time. So, I developed this list of three ways to connect with your current and future clients during this period of uncertainty.

Maintain a presence and offer value.

Just because there is a pandemic and you’re stuck at home, does not mean it is time to go dark or bury your head in the sand. Quite the opposite. Now is the perfect time to capture new clients, leads and relationships. I heard this saying once, “If you’re not appearing, you’re disappearing.” So, find ways to stay relevant and appear.

Dean from Power Promotions explained on the podcast how he called every single one of his 300 clients and offered to send face masks to their entire families free of charge. While face mask shortages were gripping the nation, Dean had a large supply and he used it to get in front of his targets. I have heard about companies sending clients Quarantine Survival kits and a commercial broker who reached out to targets offering to review their lease terms for no charge to help them understand their rights and obligations as well as any loopholes that could help them during this time. Keep appearing. And remember, develop a way to be perceived as someone who can bring value and help solve business issues in response to the pandemic.

Understand Your Customer’s Pain Points.

Begin to understand your customer’s pain points during this time and ask yourself, does this present an opportunity for my company? Now could be the time to innovate and begin offering new products and services. Or now may be the time to pivot our area of focus on industries and clients who need us the most. As you all know, I am in advertising and if your place of business is closed and you can not sell during this time, you may not be a good target for me. However, there are a lot of industries out there that, as an effect of the pandemic, have even more to sell, say or attract. I need to focus my attention on them. Who is facing a specific issue right now and how can I address it?

Find a Way to Connect, Often.

Yes, we can no longer connect with our targets at industry trade shows and one-on-one meetings, but this should not stop us from communicating. Consider reaching out to connect with targets through smaller, personal digital events such as meetups or webinars on Zoom. Also, never forget the old-fashioned telephone. Pick it up and place a call.

But, before you do, please consider the message. We must acknowledge the world has changed. So, spend some time developing a new pitch, and think about what modifications are needed. Make sure to provide solutions to the challenges businesses are facing right now, and be sensitive to the personal struggles people may currently be experiencing.

Paula Yakubik is the Host of The Scrappy Entrepreneur podcast and a partner at MassMedia. She can be reached at paula@massmediacc.com.